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2 October 2021

Digital Clock Readouts

Certain times of the day strike me funny. I have little names for some of them.

And there are probably others that I've forgotten. What makes my brain look for meaning in meaningless things? Probably related to seeing faces in inanimate things. There you go. Just more clues and insights into the weirdness of the author.

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30 September 2021

When a chore becomes a project

A chore is actually a special case of the task. Chore is a regularly recurring task. Chores and tasks are schedulable activities that take an amount of time from some minutes to some hours.

A project, on the other hand, is a schedulable activity that is expected to take some days or weeks or months.

The other day I wanted to print some financial documents. I knew where to find them online. I knew they could be easily made into PDFs. Piece. Oh. Cake. There were twelve documents. Two or three minutes per document. Done in at most 45 minutes.

I have an HP Workforce 545 all-in-one inkjet printer. As printers go, it has not been particularly economical to run, but it has not been particularly evil, either. But it has its moods. First document (Oh, and they are two page documents) prints one page and part of page two and decides now is a good time to play hard to get. Out of ink. Needs a new black ink cartridge. Fine. I have a black ink cartridge. My time frame just went to fifty minutes. New cartridge installed, we restart the document. Printer cartridge not recognized. Like the cartridges staged a coup d'etat and the HP Workforce 545 State Department voted thumbs-down on their legitimacy. Not recognized, eh? I've played that game before. Need to hard-reboot the printer. Unplug the printer. Oops that was the modem. Sorry, Family! Unplug the printer, press the on button of the printer for a while -- it's supposed to drain the zener diodes and whatnot and make it lose its place. Take out the cartridge, clean the contacts, replace, and restart the printer. Oh, and now my task estimate has gone way over an hour. Well, that didn't work. Try a different new ink cartridge. Try rebooting the printer a few times, with small changes. Try the old (out of ink) cartridge -- at least that one had been recognized.

A few more fiddly changes to the process later, the printer finally agreed to recognize the revolutionary new cartridge. Victory! Print the first document. Not victory. Completely unreadable. I mean, you can sort of tell it was trying to print the correct item, but in a way analogous in the ink world to the dying character in novels who speaks so softly somebody has to put their ear right down to their mouth to make out the words. Maybe I need to clean the print heads. There are ink-wasting functions that do that sort of thing. Two cleaning cycles later, it agreed to print! A-a-a-and... Paper jam! No biggie. Sort that out. Print the first document. Success! Print the second... no, eat dinner. Finish tomorrow.

And that is how a task becomes a project. Half an hour or forty-five minutes turns into two days.

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28 September 2021

Here's one of the neocities kitties! - - -

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27 September 2021

Anime series I like: (in no particular order)

Wow! I didn't know I liked so many!

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